About Us

About Us

VASCULAR AND INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY ASSOCIATES (VIRA) is a group of sub-specialty trained, board-certified physicians with nearly 200 years combined practical experience who provide less invasive solutions to a patient’s health issues. Using image-guided support, VIRA’s experienced vascular and interventional radiologists intervene with precision, without large incisions so most patients go home the same day.

Though we use the most advanced treatment options, including the new Laser Therapy for Varicose Veins to reduce pain and bruising, VIRA physicians practice medicine the old fashioned way. At VIRA you are seen by a physician who visits with you, examines and probes your health issue and consults with each patient before the procedure.

Interventional Radiologists (IR) are uniquely suited to treat a variety of medical conditions and illnesses across all specialties. By combining their clinical knowledge with in-depth training and imaging, they use x-rays, CT, MRI, and ultrasound to safely and precisely guide catheters and needles into arteries, veins, and organs to provide treatment. Such minimally invasive treatments provide nonsurgical alternatives to treat many disorders, resulting in less pain and faster recuperation.

Interventional Radiologists have been instrumental in developing and refining many techniques used in modern medicine. They were the innovators in arterial angioplasty and stent placement within arteries.

What is Interventional Radiology?

Interventional radiology is a highly-specialized, technical field, involving the use of small, pencil-tip-sized incisions in the skin to thread tiny, miniaturize tools into the body. The procedure is carefully monitored in “real time” via state-of-the-art imaging equipment that guides the physician to the pathology.

Interventional radiology treatments are much easier on the patient than standard surgery because they involve small incisions, minimal pain, and short hospital stays. These treatments also significantly reduce overall patient costs.

Learn more about various IR treatment options here, including descriptions of various procedures and answers to commonly asked questions.

We can arrange to see you in consultation in our private office and, if appropriate, provide treatment at the Medical Center of Central Georgia or Coliseum Medical Centers.

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VIRA is a division of Radiology Associates of Macon (RAM) which offers the full spectrum (MRI, CT, and ultrasound) of diagnostic studies and therapeutic radiation oncologic treatment through Central Georgia Radiation Oncology